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5 Ways Hawaiʻi Conservatives Changes the Game

Hawaiʻi Conservatives means more wins. That’s the long and short of it. That’s what Hawaiʻi’s newest Super PAC is bringing to the table. And wins are what the Conservative movement is lacking in Hawaiʻi.

Conservative candidates commonly lose because they are outclassed by big money from corrupt organizations and radical progressives on the mainland. Often this influx is untraceable dark money coming from nontransparent PACs that constantly change their names and reconstitute themselves to erase their history.

Conservative candidates across Hawaiʻi have fought their hardest in winnable races time and again, only to get crushed by the wave of big money coming from these corrupt and outside groups. These are groups that don’t represent Hawaiʻi’s values or best interests, yet dominate our elections because they can vastly outspend our under-supported candidates.

HOWEVER, this entire dynamic changes when Conservatives have their own influx of support, and when our liberal opponents are instead the targets. Hawaiʻi Conservatives is here to level the playing field. We’re here to calm the seas for our candidates and push the storm onto our liberal opponents.

Here are five ways we change the game:

  1. As a Super PAC, Hawaiʻi Conservatives can accept any size of donation AND can invest any amount into any race of its choosing. This means that we can compete with any opponent on any playing field at any time, inserting money where it’s needed to get candidates across the finish line.

  2. Hawaiʻi Conservatives opens up more avenues for giving. Maybe donors have already maxed out to their favorite candidate, maybe they don’t know who to give to, or maybe they just need a new ask. We give donors the opportunity, and ensure that their money doesn’t sit out the election.

  3. Hawaiʻi Conservatives inspires more giving. There is enough money, there just isn’t enough giving. There are many reasons for this phenomenon, but one of the biggest is discouragement. We must undo the self-defeating narrative that “we can’t win.” We’re showing donors that they’ll get a return on their investment.

  4. Hawaiʻi Conservatives reaches a larger donor base. So many donors are frustrated by political personalities and party politics. While they may agree on the issues, they’re turned off and tuned out. We can reach both these new and longtime donor bases who either haven’t jumped in or have walked away for one reason or another.

  5. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Hawaiʻi Conservatives is a coalition. We’re not a party and we’re not an individual campaign. We’re a coalition of Conservative donors coming together with one objective: Win. Wherever we can, using the best means possible, we are focused on winning.

The problem in Hawaiʻi isn’t our positions. We should’ve been winning this whole time; our policies work, we put the people first, and we’re aligned with the culture. The problem is our game. THAT is what we must change. If we change our game, we can win and keep on winning.

In the words of football coaching legend Al Davis, “Just win, baby.”

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