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Action Needed: State-Sponsored Drag Queen Storytime!!!

Drag Queen Story Hour

Drag queen storytime has officially landed from the Mainland to target our keiki! And it’s sponsored by our state government and paid for by our tax dollars! We need your help and donations to combat this madness!

If you’ve not heard yet, there is a drag queen storytime at ʻAʻala Park this Saturday as part of the Keiki Community Fair from 11:30am-3:30pm (we start our protest at 11:00am) – sponsored by multiple state government agencies!

Stand against the indoctrination and sexualization of our keiki! Show up to make your voices heard!

Reps Matsumoto, Garcia, Ward, Pierick, and Alcos have been on top of this issue from the beginning. Rep. Elijah Pierick was the first to tell us about it, in fact.

As per usual with these types of events, the organizers have been deceptive and nontransparent about this whole thing. Nowhere on the Keiki Community Fair flyer does it mention that drag queens are involved – or a major feature of the event!!! Parents are not informed. See the flyer below.

Please fill out this form if you plan to attend! We’ll send you more information and get a headcount:

We’ll have water and snacks! Bring your own sign!

Suggested sign slogans:

Protect our Keiki!

Don’t sexualize our Keiki!

Stand Against Groomers!

Keep your hands off our Keiki!

Parents Matter!

Put Keiki FIRST!

They’re looking for any opportunity to flip the narrative against us, but they cannot argue against parental rights and protecting children from sexualization!

It’s a public park, so we have every right to be there. BUT, it’s critical that we keep it respectful on Saturday and do not disrupt the event. We’re going there to peacefully protest, not to riot or threaten people like Antifa does. Let’s keep our emotions in check and be the example.

Please donate today so we can get the word out and hold our government accountable for this and many other ongoing issues! We’ve already brought in over $5,000 in donations in the last 24 hours!

Also, please call the sponsoring publicly funded organizations and state agencies to express your concerns for our keiki and parental rights: FamilyPromise, Hawaii State Department of Health, Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies, AlohaCare, Department of Education, Institute for Human Services, Shriners Children's Hawaii, Trust for Public Land, and University of Hawaii Cancer Center. These and more are listed on the event website.

Special thanks to Rep. Elijah Pierick for calling me and getting me up to date on this. See you all at 11:00am on Saturday!

Event Address: 280 N King Street, Honolulu, HI 96817

Contact Rocklin Youngstrom for further information:

Donate to Hawaii Conservatives Today

To help us win Hawaiʻi – and take our country back!

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