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Anna Hudson Runs for Honolulu County GOP Leadership

Updated: May 3

Anna Hudson

We are so pleased to see Anna Hudson stepping up to run for County Chair of the Honolulu County Republican Committee.

Anna Hudson is the steadfast Republican promoter that Honolulu County needs to grow the Hawaiʻi Republican Party on Oʻahu and put candidates in the best position for success. She has proven her commitment and leadership skills time and again at the state, county, and district level. She’s exactly who Conservatives need leading the charge in this role.

Bottom line: Anna Hudson is a key asset to the Party’s mission and is the one to get it done.

I have spoken to Steve Lipscomb, who is also running. In fairness to Steve, he answered my questions strongly and without hesitation. However, experiences with Steve have shown that he gets easily sidetracked with personal agendas and ancillary issues. I believe that he would lead Honolulu County in the wrong direction, wasting precious time and resources needed to build the Party and win races. That’s my honest assessment.

The Honolulu County Republican Convention is tomorrow, Saturday, March 25th at 9:00am. If you’re a registered delegate, be sure to show up!

As a reminder, Hawaiʻi Conservatives does NOT endorse in internal Party races. This is political analysis/commentary, which we provide from time to time to inform Conservatives of what’s going on.

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