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Are We Losers?

We’re still days from Election Day, but most people across the country have already crossed Hawaiʻi out. Fox News put Josh Green in the winning column a week before we’ll see the first results in our Governor’s race!

After 60 years of watching the corrupt liberal establishment dominate our politics, most people don’t think we have what it takes to win. It’s not that everyone thinks Hawaiʻi is unwinnable, they simply don’t trust us to get it done, now or ever. Fox News didn’t even run a poll, they just crossed us out.

Chronic infighting and political ineptitude is what most people think of when they hear about our movement in Hawaiʻi – and that’s certainly how people view the Hawaiʻi Republican Party, on and off our Islands. It may be upsetting, but far worse, it’s indicative of our future if we don’t do things differently.

It’s time to change the narrative – and it starts with us!

There’s only one way to change the political landscape in Hawaiʻi – and reset these negative perceptions – and that’s to adopt a winning attitude!

I’ve already written several articles on the mechanisms and methodology of winning – now let’s talk about adopting a “winning attitude” so we can get it done. Psychology plays a huge part in political success and failure. Our thoughts and feelings dictate our actions.

If we have a loser’s mindset, where we don’t believe we can win and have already given up, then we will keep on losing forever – no matter how much other factors change. It's an infectious self-fulfilling prophecy; we sabotage ourselves before we even begin. Donors don’t donate, volunteers don’t volunteer, potential candidates don’t run, voters don’t vote.

But if we instead adopt a winner’s mindset, and start acting like winners, then we will start doing what it takes to win. Our actions will reflect and produce winning, not losing. This concept is true in sports, business, and especially in politics.

Look at Michael Jordan, Steve Jobs, and Abraham Lincoln. Michael Jordan didn’t win every game, he was in-fact very average in high school and not nearly the best on his team. Steve Jobs didn’t get every product to market, nor was he always respected for his genius – even getting fired once by Apple. Abraham Lincoln only ever won one political race – and it was for President – after losing time and again, year after year.

These titans always acted like winners – and did what it took to come back and win the next round. Their losses were motivation for their successes, because they knew they were winners. Their opponents could not keep them down forever.

I am not arguing for unrealistic optimism, I am arguing for a total mindset shift. The establishment IS beatable. We need to go out and get it done. BUT, it’ll only happen if we believe in ourselves and act the part.

We’ve got to change our perspective – and start acting like winners. Winners can win, losers will lose.

This means that we stop fighting each other over trivial things and instead fight the liberal establishment over the major things threatening our life and liberty. We stop being part of the problem and start being part of the solution, joining in the fight instead of sitting in the audience complaining.

This also means that when we get knocked down, we get back on our feet. Sometimes in politics you get kicked in the teeth. No truly successful politician or political movement has made it without first experiencing some losses, sometimes very serious losses. Leaders use those losses as motivation.

When the dust settles from this election, let’s take a good look at what we did well and where we need to improve, regardless of how much we love or hate the results.

That’s what you do if you want to win and keep on winning. You learn, improve, and move on. No finger pointing, no excuses, no bragging – we’re on to the next election – HANA HOU! THAT’S POLITICAL MATURITY.

If we’re serious about winning, we’ll work together after this election to review, analyze, strategize – and then build and execute our next election plan.

But… What if we lose badly on Tuesday? We get back on our feet and get to work!!!

Winners know that you have to risk losing in order to win.

There’s a saying in sports that, “you can’t win if you don’t show up.” Well, it’s also true that “you can’t lose if you don’t show up.” That’s why so many people stay in the audience while our freedoms are stripped away. They’re too afraid to lose in public, so they’ll instead lose everything in private.

America’s Founders risked everything to start this great Nation. There’s no place on Earth like America – and that’s only because of their risk and sacrifice. Losing for them meant dying. They could’ve used that as an excuse to stay home – but they didn’t. And we’re here to carry on that tradition.

If you’re a Conservative, you come from a long line of winners. Let’s all act like it.

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