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Civil Beat Covers our Campaign Against the Liberal Establishment

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

“Conservative Super PAC Jumps In To Hawaii Governors Race” reads the headline on Blaze Lovell’s fair and balanced Civil Beat article about Hawaiʻi Conservatives and our campaign against the corrupt liberal establishment led by Josh Green. Read the article here (and don’t forget to comment)

The WHY is what matters. Why did Hawaiʻi Conservatives jump in to the Governor’s race?

Duke Aiona is the right person for the job. Josh Green is a corrupt, self-serving politician controlled by a progressive-driven liberal establishment that monopolizes power across our Islands to its own benefit. That’s as simple as it gets for a Conservative Super PAC. We’d be crazy if we didn’t jump in.

Duke Aiona has been a faithful servant of the people as a prosecutor, judge, and former Lt. Governor, consistently maintaining Conservative principles. He will right the ship in our State Government and prioritize Hawaiʻi’s hardworking families. We need his experience now more than ever as we face a crime surge, economic crisis, and corruption at all levels of government. See our article on why we endorsed Duke Aiona

Josh Green is the opposite. His time as Lt. Governor has been marked by corruption, complacency, and prioritizing everything except the people of Hawaiʻi. Much of our economic crisis is a direct result of his poor decisions and lack of leadership. He has consistently disrespected Hawaiʻi and its people, which alone disqualifies him to be our Governor. I’ve written two articles just about those disgraceful incidents. Read the most recent one here

We jumped in because Hawaiʻi needs change. Hawaiʻi needs Duke Aiona to be our next Governor. And we need his running mate, Seaula Jr. Tupaʻi as our Lt. Governor. Visit their website

We’re also involved in a dozen State House and State Senate races, doing whatever we can to get great candidates across the finish line! See our endorsements

Don’t forget to vote!

Donate to Hawaii Conservatives Today

To help us win Hawaiʻi – and take our country back!

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