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Disrespecting Hawaiʻi: Governor Candidate Josh Green

Governor candidate Josh Green is the epitome of corruption in government. He’s delivered nothing meaningful back to us since being elected, instead using the office of Lt. Governor as a platform for his 2022 race for Governor. This is after telling a Pennsylvania audience earlier this year that his role as Hawaiʻi’s Lt. Governor is “basically useless,” admitting that he just tries to “make the most of it.” Watch the video below to hear it for yourself.

This is a shortened version of Josh Green’s speech at Swarthmore earlier this year.

The full video is available on YouTube

No one who has even the slightest respect for our government and people could describe serving as Lt. Governor as anything other than the honor of a lifetime.

If politicians don’t respect the people they serve or the position they seek, corruption is inevitable – they’re never going to serve the people of Hawaiʻi or fulfill their position with honor.

At this moment, with everything that is happening in Hawaiʻi – and the incredible impacts we’re feeling from national and even global issues – Hawaiʻi urgently needs a Governor fully committed to its people, and fully invested in the duty they must fulfill. Sadly, Josh Green falls very short of the mark.

The video speaks for itself. When Josh Green returned to Pennsylvania, not only did he boldly disparage the role he currently fills as Lt. Governor, but he also went on to disrespect the people of Hawaiʻi! In the video, he says,

“I speak in front of an entire state all the time and it is much more nerve wracking to speak in front of brilliant people like you...”

In the full video, Josh Green also describes how he judges and questions locals based upon their clothing.

To say the least, it’s incredibly disappointing to hear what Josh Green says about Hawaiʻi when he’s back on the Mainland, away from the people he swore to serve. He jokes about us behind our backs and speaks about the people of Hawaiʻi as lesser than people on the Mainland. It’s embarrassing that we elected him to a statewide office already – let’s not make that mistake again!

From Josh Green’s perspective, being in government is about his own advancement, rather than a vision for Hawaiʻi that is deep-rooted in respect for its people.

This is why corrupt politicians are unafraid to sell us out when it suits them. Whatever will get them elected, that’s what they’ll do. And once they’re in, they’re all about following the path of least resistance and raising money for their next race, instead of working hard for the people.

We need leaders whose actions are born out of respect, who desire service for the sake of service. This is why it was easy for Hawaiʻi Conservatives to endorse Duke Aiona for Governor. As a prosecutor, judge, and as a former Lt. Governor, Duke Aiona has been consistent as a servant of Hawaiʻi.

We give the same strong endorsement to Aiona’s running mate, Seaula Jr. Tupaʻi for Lt. Governor, who’s a pastor and community leader on the Big Island.

Together, as Governor and Lt. Governor, Aiona and Tupaʻi are a force for Hawaiʻi. They’ll also be the first Polynesian ticket ever elected in Hawaiʻi’s history!

We’re also so excited about the many legislative candidates we’ve endorsed (see our endorsements) and Sam King’s run for OHA At-Large Trustee. These are servant leaders who love Hawaiʻi and have demonstrated their commitment to our Islands.

Let’s change our government from the ground up, voting out corruption and electing leaders who run to serve!

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Who are you voting for Governor/Lt. Governor of Hawaii this November?

  • Aiona/Tupaʻi

  • Green/Luke

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