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Ige’s Abortion Hoax

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Governor David Ige took the extraordinary step of issuing an executive order on abortions earlier this week. This was for the stated goal of protecting nonresident women seeking abortions in Hawaiʻi, and abortion providers who perform abortions for these nonresident women, from prosecutions and lawsuits originating from other states. The only problem? It’s a hoax.

Ige just pulled a political stunt! NO THREATS EXIST. I REPEAT, NO THREATS EXIST.

Ige is making things up to stir the pot on abortion for Josh Green and his progressive-driven liberal cohort, as voters receive their ballots next week.

Read the executive order for yourself at this link:

I’ve listed four important takeaways from Ige’s executive order:

1. There has not been a single state that has passed a law that would hold women or abortion providers liable, either criminally or civilly, for receiving or performing abortions in Hawaiʻi. There is no legal precedent; not even a single law or a single person being threatened with prosecution or lawsuits from another state. Ige and his handpicked Attorney General Holly Shikada created this out of thin air.

This is all political gamesmanship before an election. Ige is shamelessly trying to give the liberal establishment a talking point before voters receive their ballots – because there is nothing else Josh Green can talk about!

It’s a true strawman argument, creating urgency where a problem doesn’t even exist, in order to cause fear and accuse their political opponents right before the election.

2. The executive order addresses practices that are not performed in Hawaiʻi, like sharing information on third parties (such as friends and family who help someone obtain an abortion) with other agencies and governments. That information is currently not recorded or reported.

Ige is literally banning practices that aren’t even practices, just to show he is doing something, i.e. “virtue signaling.”

3. The only thing we can give Ige credit for is his acknowledgement that women have pregnancies. That seems like the most basic concept, but something many in his circles deny, trading common sense for extremist dogma. Josh Green is much more extreme than Ige, so it’s likely that if Green wins this election we’ll be hearing about “birthing people” instead of mothers, and “health care for menstruating persons” instead of women’s healthcare. We’re dealing with insanity.

4. Finally, there are real issues that remain unaddressed in Hawaiʻi. Crime is out of control, homelessness is rising, and we’re all suffering in a very real economic crisis. Where is Ige’s leadership when we need him? Where is Holly Shikada on crime? Where is Josh Green on anything? Nowhere to be found.

The corrupt liberal establishment chases special interest projects and plays political games but are never there on the issues that will actually make a difference in the lives of Hawaiʻi’s people.

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