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Free Speech & Lockdowns: Part I

Today, we are getting political inspiration from China. The protests over tyrannical Covid policies and censorship are exploding across China, despite thousands of arrests and beatings. This is also despite the world’s most advanced censorship scheme doing its best to restrict the spread of information about the grievances and the protests themselves.

Protestors have been holding up blank sheets of paper to protest censorship and show solidarity among each other. China’s ‘zero-Covid policy’ is in reality a “zero-freedom policy.” Protestors are even calling for the resignation of Xi Jingping, who rules as the President of the People’s Republic of China and the Secretary General of the Chinese Communist Party after residents of an apartment building were locked in during a fire.

Nothing on this scale has happened in China since Tiananmen Square in 1989 – but this is widespread across the country and appears to be growing, even as Chinese authorities shut down streets and neighborhoods.

The Democratic Party and liberal media are caught in a quandary. If they recognize the legitimacy of these protests and rightly push back on the Chinese Government, they’re also condemning themselves by extension. If they don’t, they’re showing their true colors.

Chinese citizens are crying out for their fundamental Rights to move about freely, make their own life decisions, and to exercise freedom of speech. These are the same Rights we’ve been systematically denied since the lockdowns began in Hawaiʻi and other liberal-dominated states – and federalized when Joe Biden took office.

Chinese protesters are taking action in the face of violence – we must join them in solidarity and protect our own hardfought Rights.

Chinese protestors hold up blank sheets of paper to protest censorship and show solidarity among each other.

Unlike in China, Americans enjoy recognition of their fundamental Rights in the founding documents of the United States. Unfortunately, that hasn’t stopped our state and federal government from violating those Rights at every turn in pursuit of their agenda. Albeit with a softer hand than China’s oppressive Communist government; we’re not lagging that far behind in the end result.

Joe Biden and the Democratic Party have constantly (and effectively) attacked free speech. Rather than debating us on the issues, Biden labels Republicans and Conservative thought as “extremism” and “misinformation,” while continually calling us “dangerous” and a “threat to democracy” for holding our viewpoint. His ludicrous attacks on us have clearly been calculated to distract from his failures, and in an attempt to silence our movement.

It’s easy to oppress a label – that’s why they’re labeling us – it’s to ostracize and stigmatize us!

We still live in a free country today, but we must take inspiration from those living under total oppression to fight for our own freedoms before it’s too late. The clock is ticking and time is running out!

Josh Green and Rick Blangiardi are leading the charge of government overreach in Hawaiʻi. They suspended our Rights continually during the pandemic – and many of their policies have lingered until today.

We must not forget Honolulu Mayor Blangiardi’s infamous line addressed at businesses and protestors, when he said “we will drop the hammer” if there’s noncompliance. That was a key moment when dissent was intolerable and governmental authority was absolute.

Josh Green and his liberal cohort of progressive socialists in the State Legislature have always been more subtle than Blangiardi’s aggressive style. As our Governor, Josh Green continues his pursuit of progressive socialist policies that destroy our economy and erode our freedoms. “Dr. Green,” as he prefers to be called, is the soft hand of oppression.

Do not trust the soft hand of oppression. The end result is exactly the same as the hard hand. Like a spider that injects its prey with a paralytic venom, it subtly pacifies us until we’ve given up everything.

Governor Josh Green

Progressivism, at its extreme, is a belief structure wherein our society and people are flawed and must be fixed, at all costs and by any means necessary, through and by the government. Progressivism has all of the trappings of a religion, requiring conformity. By definition, it’s totalitarian – and the exact opposite of Conservative philosophy.

Let’s heed the warning to defend our Rights before it’s too late!

Hawaiʻi Conservatives will consistently update you on how you can get in the fight, from bills in the legislature to public testimony opportunities, protests, events, and more.

In fact, there’s an urgent matter at hand: See the Honolulu County bill to take away more of our gun rights on Oahu – in clear violation of the Constitution – and at the expense of our ability to defend ourselves from criminals. It’s critical that you read the bill and submit testimony BY END OF DAY TODAY, MONDAY, NOV. 28!

See the bill here:

Submit testimony here:

Part II of this article will be posted tomorrow, Tuesday, Nov. 29th.

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