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“Light the Fire” Fundraising Event a Major Success!

Even before the “Light the Fire” fundraising event had begun, Hawaiʻi Conservatives had already raised about $30,000 in commitments for the event.

It was exciting to honor the many endorsed candidates in attendance, including Sam King (OHA At-Large Trustee), Sheila Walker (SD 6), Blake Boyd (SD 12), Kinsey Texeira (HD 19), Jillian Anderson (HD 24), Vea Lautaha (HD 36), Rep. Lauren Cheape Matsumoto (HD 38), Dr. Elijah Pierick (HD 39), Janie Gueso (HD 40), David Alcos (HD 41), Diamond Garcia (HD 42), and Tiana Wilbur (HD 45). Each of them had an opportunity to speak and delivered powerful and inspiring messages on the future of Hawaiʻi.

Joel Borgquist, CEO of Hawaiʻi Conservatives talks about our mission

Our Chairman, Tim Dalhouse, shared his passion for Hawaiʻi and went into detail on the purpose and mission of Hawaiʻi Conservatives as a Super PAC, including our vision to:

  • Deliver Conservative Wins

  • Build Competitive Campaigns

  • Challenge Bad Policy and Promote Change

  • Shape a New Image for Conservatives

  • Reverse the Progressive Takeover

Tim Dalhouse, Chairman of Hawaiʻi Conservatives tells his own political story

Tim explained how there are 26 Super PACs registered with the State of Hawaiʻi Campaign Spending Commission, but only ONE, Hawaiʻi Conservatives, is specifically supporting conservative candidates and causes! The majority of the other PACs promote Democrat candidates, liberal causes, and progressive agendas. And, he said Hawaiʻi Conservatives is excited to lead the righteous fight to preserve and protect the values of life, liberty, property, and prosperity for the people of Hawaiʻi.

Diamond Garcia expressed the steps we can take to gain voter participation in our elections, and Rep. Lauren Cheape Matsumoto closed the event sharing wisdom she’d gained over the past ten years as the senior Republican legislator.

Hawaiʻi Conservatives is off to a great start! We are already putting donated funds to work with strategic political marketing in key districts across the State to impact the 2022 General Election for conservative candidates. Soon, "Paid for by Hawaiʻi Conservatives" will be the standard by-line you see on conservative messaging through print, mail, digital, radio, TV, and door-to-door canvassing. Together we will move the needle towards conservative government for the future of our Islands!

Mahalo nui loa to everyone who attended our awesome Light the Fire Event in Hawaii Kai this past Tuesday and we so appreciate all those who donated to our cause! A special recognition and thanks are due to Marian and Jim Grey, the gracious hosts of our event in their home!

Donate to Hawaii Conservatives Today

To help us win Hawaiʻi – and take our country back!

Who do you want to see as Speaker at our next Hawaii Conservatives event?





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