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Rep. Garcia steps up for Republican Party

Hawaiʻi Representative Diamond Garcia (R) speaking in Honolulu

In background left to right: Rep. Elijah Pierick (R), Rep. Lauren Cheape Matsumoto (R),

& Rep. Gene Ward (R)

Rep. Diamond Garcia steps up to the plate – again!

After running a successful campaign and demonstrating his political acumen at the Capitol this session, Rep. Garcia is exactly who the Hawaiʻi Republican Party needs to take the wheel until a new State Chair is elected in May to serve the next term.

Hawaiʻi Conservatives urges all members of the Republican State Committee to throw their full support behind Rep. Garcia as the new State Chair!

Tomorrow, Saturday, Feb. 18th, Rep. Diamond Garcia, as interim State Chair, will need to be formally voted in to serve out the rest of this term.

As the highest-ranking Vice Chair in the Hawaiʻi Republican Party, Rep. Diamond Garcia was next in line to serve as interim State Chair when that position became vacant – and continuity at this time is critical to the health and effectiveness of the Hawaiʻi Republican Party to be in a position to win more elections in 2024!

We have every confidence in Rep. Garcia to lead at this critical time, as a major Conservative figure in Hawaiʻi who gets stuff done!

Note: At the State Convention on May 6th, 2023, in Hilo, delegates will vote for a new State Chair. All members of the Hawaiʻi Republican Party are eligible to participate in the State Convention this May. Please contact the Hawaiʻi Republican Party for more information on becoming a delegate.

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