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Shutting Down Native Hawaiians: Josh Green Did the Unthinkable

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Governor candidate Josh Green did the unthinkable in last night’s debate, telling his Native Hawaiian opponent, Duke Aiona, that it was “offensive” and “divisive” to speak about his Hawaiian Heritage. See the shortened video clip below.

This is a clip from the ‘Know Your Candidate: Governor’ debate hosted by Honolulu Civil Beat on October 3rd, 2022. The full video is available on YouTube

For over a century, Native Hawaiians have been disenfranchised. The list of issues is endless. Today, many Native Hawaiians – and other Polynesians – are disengaged with the political process, despite their heritage stretching back for countless generations on our Islands. This year seems to be a turning point, with greater numbers engaged than ever before. But Josh Green doesn’t want to hear it, boldly calling the topic “offensive.”

Josh Green was offended that someone is proud to be Hawaiian, proud to have been born and raised on our Islands… Let’s be clear, the only thing offensive is Josh Green's attitude towards Native Hawaiians. Those are things to be proud of – and it’s baffling that a candidate to be our next Governor wouldn’t see it that way.

Josh Green is running for Governor in a State he doesn’t understand, to represent people he doesn’t respect or listen to.

Josh Green can’t run on the issues. Having an election about the issues would be a loss for Green and his liberal cohort. Sadly, our state government is run very poorly, problems have only gotten worse. Josh Green’s own involvement on the failed rail project and the irreparable harm to our businesses during the lockdown are issues he’s effectively stayed far away from throughout this election. But no issues have been more problematic than in the State’s relationship with Native Hawaiians. Josh Green showed how ill equipped he is to handle Hawaiian issues. He doesn’t show respect. He won’t even listen.

Once again, he is disconnected from Hawaiʻi and disrespectful of its people. It’s unbelievable.

In a previous article on Josh Green disrespecting Hawaiʻi while he was back in Pennsylvania, I wrote,

“If politicians don’t respect the people they serve or the position they seek, corruption is inevitable – they’re never going to serve the people of Hawaiʻi or fulfill their position with honor.”

Respect has always been the heart of Conservatism. When you have respect, you take responsibility, you’re accountable, you listen, you work toward the best interests of the people, you promote good policies. Disrespect produces the exact opposite. And that’s why Hawaiʻi desperately needs change.

Jonah Kūhiō Kalanianaʻole, the “Prince of the People”

Conservatism is to preserve traditions and values; something deeply rooted in Hawaiʻi’s culture and lifestyle. In modern Hawaiʻi, Jonah Kūhiō Kalanianaʻole is the archetype of Conservative leadership. Sadly, since statehood, there have been very few Conservative leaders in Hawaiʻi. Instead, we’ve suffered through self-interested politician after self-interested politician, who push their harmful agendas that put the people last. But change is in the air!

Hawaiʻi Conservatives proudly endorses Duke Aiona for Governor and Seaula Jr. Tupaʻi for Lt. Governor. If elected, they’ll be the first Polynesian ticket to take office in Hawaiʻi’s history, both having been born and raised in our unique and beautiful Islands. And yes, they should be proud of that, Josh Green.

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