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Tulsi Gabbard Sounds the Alarm; We Must Act

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

See Tulsi Gabbard’s full video here:

Tulsi Gabbard sounds the alarm for America’s future, as she completes her long-expected exit from the Democratic Party, highlighting how the power hungry, progressive-driven liberal establishment that dominates our National and State politics is undermining our freedom and undercutting our prosperity.

It’s an alarm for the Liberal establishment as they realize the game is up, the wool is no longer over our eyes. Their entire structure is built around social compliance and conformity. As long as society keeps complying and conforming, they can continually snatch ever more power. It’s an alarm for Conservatives to act before it’s too late.

This alarm calls us to take immediate action before we lose our freedom and prosperity to the power hungry, progressive-driven liberal establishment.

While Tulsi Gabbard’s exit from the Democratic Party was expected for some time, her reasoning could not be more relevant. The people who run her former party are corrupt and pushing extremely harmful agendas, on both the national and state level in Hawaiʻi. It is a select group of people who are the movers and shakers in that party, and by extension, are the movers and shakers in our Federal and State governments. They have complete control over both Joe Biden and Josh Green.

While the average person worries about affording their groceries and paying their electric bill, these liberal elites are laser-focused on their race and gender-based agenda, undermining the rule of law in the face of rising crime, and passing devastating economic bills while we already struggle with sky-high prices. As Tulsi points out, they’re even driving us ever closer to nuclear war, an unimaginable holocaust that no one can fathom and hardly anyone is talking about.

Progressives will risk all that we hold near and dear to meet their objective. We’re in a crisis of our own making if we don’t act in this election – and every election to come – to stop the progressive agenda.

Who in Hawaiʻi is Tulsi talking about? I’ve listed a few below who most certainly qualify:

At the top… Josh Green: Our corrupt Lt. Governor has made serious comments disrespecting the people of Hawaiʻi, including specific comments about Native Hawaiians, and has even disrespected his own office of Lt. Governor. His actions show that he feels entitled to be our Governor, and values his relationships with his big-money backers more than his relationship with Hawaiʻi’s people. Josh Green has even said that he’s the last person in the world you want to give top secret briefings to – and yet he wants to be our Governor… while the threat of nuclear war looms larger than in decades.

During his last debate, Josh Green specifically mentioned our shortened video of him disrespecting Hawaiʻi while he was back in Pennsylvania. Rather than taking responsibility or trying to explain his statements, Josh Green blamed us for what he said in Pennsylvania. He made the outlandish assertion that we’d pulled his comments out of context – despite the fact that we provided the full original video alongside the shortened one. Click here to see our article on that speech.

Following Josh Green is a full ticket of out of touch progressives, pushing their extreme agenda on our Islands. They represent everything that Tulsi warns about in her video.

Then we have… Mainland-driven Progressive Groups

Our Hawaii Action: From day one, it’s been impossible to find out exactly who these people are, even though they adopted the name “Our Hawaii” and have a pledge circulating for every candidate to sign. Their exact agenda is murky, but it seems clear that they are trying to undermine the uprising against the political establishment and distract from the issues at-hand. We do know that they are the brainchild of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other national extremist progressives, but they’re working hard to remain behind the curtain while they influence Hawaiʻi’s elections. They’re a bona fide shadow group, backed by progressives on the Mainland.

It was poignant that on October 10th, supposedly in recognition of Indeginous Peoples Day, Our Hawaii specifically mentioned us on Twitter, calling us “colonizers.” That statement is of course as nonsensical as it is disrespectful of the day they claimed to be honoring. And again, who even are the people behind Our Hawaii? Our supporters have asked them many times, with no response.

HAPA: Hawaii Alliance for Progressive Action have actually been around for a while, training and equipping extremist progressives to take over the liberal establishment. Their target seems to largely be the liberal establishment. But let’s make no mistake, their goal is to replace the establishment with their own establishment – not to bring prosperity to the people of Hawaiʻi. They’ll face an existential crisis if the establishment is overturned from the outside, but they do have a long term plan for Hawaiʻi that they won’t easily abandon.

YPDA: Young Progressives Demanding Action are another group with a national agenda of progressive conformity. Just like HAPA, this is all with the goal of creating their own establishment. They will become extinct if the current liberal establishment is overturned from the outside, because unlike HAPA, they have no vision for Hawaiʻi. They’re just a replication of the national group. They leach off of the power of the political monopoly and rely upon it for their survival.

Those are just a few to mention. What matters most is that we take action before it’s too late.

Mahalo nui loa for highlighting these issues, Tulsi. I really respect you for sticking to your guns and doing what you think is right. I am also grateful that you highlighted the extraordinary threat of nuclear war. Very few of us have been talking about the real and present danger of the nuclear holocaust Biden is flirting with. As we well know, Hawaiʻi is strategically critical to our country and is on the frontline of any nuclear war. We need to bring this issue to the forefront.

As I keep saying, if you can donate, please donate NOW. We’ll put every penny to good use in this election.

If you can volunteer, reach out to your favorite candidate and volunteer NOW. It’s time to act! Click here to see our list of endorsed candidates

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