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Update: State-Sponsored Drag Queen Storytime!!!

Candi Shell, drag queen scheduled for the Keiki Community Fair, pretending in a video to assault a priest. Click here to see the video on Instagram - WARNING: Video contains explicit content

Urgent Update:

In addition to performing this event with children, these drag queens, who refer to themselves as Candi Shell and Tara Way, have also made abhorrent videos pretending to commit violence against faith leaders and acting out sexual assaults – among many other shocking things in their videos verbally attacking marriage, family, and faith.

(I’ve also been told that the pseudonym ‘Tara Way’ is probably a play on words to say “tear away,” which can have all kinds of sexual implications – and children will be exposed to that!)

How exactly does our government want our keiki to benefit from this?

Repeated calls and e-mails have failed to deter any of the sponsors from reconsidering – in fact, it seems to have emboldened them to press forward with a dogmatic passion. The response has largely been that these drag queens “need” this and “deserve” this. They need to be with our kids? They deserve to be? Why and for what purpose!? No reasonable person can accept that explanation.

There are MANY groups turning out people tomorrow. It’s incredible to watch the Conservative movement come together when there’s a crisis! We don’t always see eye-to-eye on everything, but we know that there are more important things at stake.

We’ve also received hate from some of the people supporting the indoctrination of our children – which we expected. And when I say “hate,” I mean that literally: They said, “I hate you.” And I think they mean it wholeheartedly.

We’ve also had dozens of repeated illegal attempts to access our social media accounts. Thank God for two-factor authentication and good passwords. And there’s a new account on social media created specifically to counter us, with sickening profanity-laden comments about us, including sexual violence. This is probably just the beginning.

This is what happens when you stand for what’s right. You WILL be attacked for it. But that’s okay, we’re going to do it anyway!

And our opponents are going to be coming out tomorrow, too! From what we know, there will be a counter-protest. It may have even been pre-planned. Exposing our kids to adult content isn’t enough, they must also try to silence our opposition to it. Make sure you show up and be heard!

Special thank you to all of the people exposing these things – especially Rep. Elijah Pierick who has done extensive research into this issue, and Reps Matsumoto and Garcia for being consistent leaders on these crucial issues, as well as many other people!

Don’t forget to sign up to attend the protest! We’ll send you more information and get a headcount:

We’ve had donations flowing in yesterday and today, but every dollar counts! Please donate!

Donate to Hawaii Conservatives Today

To help us win Hawaiʻi – and take our country back!

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