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Urgent: Low Voter Turnout!

As of this moment, voter turnout is trending VERY low – so low that there’s a real chance that overall voter turnout in the General Election will be less than it was in the Primary.

If this trend holds, it could be a huge opportunity for us – as long as we show up to vote in-person on Election Day!

We know that confidence in mail-in ballots is much higher among Liberals than Conservatives. We also know that Josh Green’s corrupt Primary campaign led to a lot of tension and dissatisfaction among many voters. That’s not forgetting our economic crisis and Biden’s incompetence that is likely discouraging participation from many.

Remind your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, to vote!

This could be the opportunity we’ve been waiting for!

Of course, this result is also a condemnation of mail-in voting. The liberal establishment – and all across the media – have been telling us that mail-in voting will allow more people to vote and drive higher participation. So far, it’s trending strongly in the opposite direction!

In Georgia, where voter ID requirements have been tightened in an in-person system, they are seeing record turnout. The exact opposite of Liberal and media claims! This includes Georgia’s black population, who many Liberals and media pundits claimed were incapable of getting or using IDs – an argument that is both laughable and highly insulting and has no basis in reality!

Voter suppression is occurring in Hawaiʻi right before our eyes!

Incredibly, mail-in ballots are ONLY counted if they are received by the Office of Elections by Election Day, NOT by postmark. This means that many ballots will be thrown out, even if they are mailed a day or two before the election. This is not clearly explained by the Office of Elections and many voters are unaware that their votes won’t be counted.

Even worse, there are very few places where voters can vote in-person on Election Day if they don’t mail their ballot in on time, or if they lose or accidentally damage the ballot or envelope or are affected by any other common issue that might occur.

On Oahu, home to about 3/4 of our population, there are only two places to vote in-person on Election Day: Honolulu Hale and Kapolei Hale. To name just a few issues, parking is a major problem at Honolulu Hale and both locations are over an hour drive away from many voters.

AND that’s if voters know where to go! Information on where to vote in-person is very limited and convoluted.

Our system is broken, and voters pay the price!

Full credit to Adriel Lam, Chair of Election Integrity at the Hawaiʻi Republican Party, for spearheading election integrity across our Islands. He has sacrificed his personal time and resources to stay on top of these issues and hold the Office of Elections accountable. We conference with him regularly. Thank you, Adriel!

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