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Voters Beware! (UPDATED 10/22)

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

UPDATED 10/22/2022

The Office of Elections on the Big Island sent out confirmation messages on Thursday to thousands of voters who had NOT completed – or even received – their ballots yet, saying: “Your General Election ballot has been received, validated, and accepted for counting.”

Follow up messages were received by some impacted voters, stating that the first message was sent in error, but without any further explanation. Voters who requested information on what happened from their County or the State Office of Elections were not provided any information beyond what was stated in the message.

The Office of Elections has NOT issued an official statement on the incident or apologized to voters. They’re acting like it never happened.

Quoting one voter, “THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE.”

Local news organizations reported that it was an issue with the ballot tracking software, where data from the Primary was entered into the software, and about 2,300 voters received the message in “error.” However, many of the details reported between news organizations contradict each other, and no answer has been given as to why this voter data set was created or entered into the software.

Our Chairman, Tim Dalhouse, and his wife Alicia, were among those voters who received the message and complained to the Office of Elections in Kona who told them it was likely caused by a power fluctuation. In fact, the list includes many prominent Conservatives, and active Republican members and candidates.

Conservatives were the main target of the message. Taking news reports at face value, why was any Primary data of Conservatives in a separate list?

Voters deserve answers. The corrupt liberal establishment, and many in the media, discount these continual incidents on both the county and state level as mere coincidences and isolated accidents. There simply isn’t the transparency or accountability at the Office of Elections to know if these are the only incidents or what is behind each incident. Furthermore, the Office of Elections is dismissive of inquiries or concerns from voters. The only time we find anything out is when these mistakes are made publicly or are investigated by reporters.

This is a pattern of negligence and contempt. It is not an isolated incident!

Chief Election Officer Scott Nago runs the State Office of Elections to support the establishment, not to give all candidates, creeds, and parties an equal and impartial process – or to protect voters! If that wasn’t reason enough to distrust the Office of Elections, there are these continual incidents that demonstrate negligence, if not complete incompetence in the running of our election process. Unfortunately, this is in keeping with the questionable integrity and poor management of most government agencies in our State.

Right now, for instance, the Office of Elections says that voters will receive their ballots on Friday, October 21st. However, many voters on Oahu received their ballots as early as Monday, October 17th, while others still haven’t received their ballot. It’s a total mess.

Scott Nago, Chief Election Officer

The people of Hawaiʻi deserve better.

Sadly, most news organizations did not even report on this. Those that did publish articles, waited days, and most did not quote or even appear to interview the voters who received the messages. Undoubtedly – based on our conversations with voters – interviews with these voters would have included strong statements criticizing the Office of Elections, and complaining about the security of our voting process. Instead, the media only told the side of the Office of Elections, providing very limited details, and without any offer of apology. It was like reading a redacted CIA file that had just been de-classified.

Local news organizations claim to “speak truth to power,” but it often seems that their real aim is to “keep truth from power.”

Instead of holding the Office of Elections accountable, news reports commended them for claiming to fix the “error” within an hour. Yet, if this is true, why did the Office of Elections not simply explain to voters what happened? Why are we only now hearing their incomplete explanation?

LET US KNOW: Did you receive this message or see any other error? Let us know and we’ll report on it.

Don’t forget to vote! And track your ballot if you mail it or put it in a drop box!

I will be voting in-person on Election Day at my local service center on Oahu. It takes extra effort, but our votes are too important to risk.

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