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We’re in the Winning Lane

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

In the Governor’s race alone, we’ve now reached over 200,000 targeted Hawaiʻi voters via text, e-mail, and social media – and we’re just getting started!

In the last 24 hours, we sent over 180,000 texts highlighting key facts about Josh Green. The response has been incredible! Over 10,000 recipients visited our news page and watched the video within two hours of the text campaign.

We’ve also launched multiple ad campaigns in endorsed State House and State Senate races, reaching thousands of voters in each targeted district. This includes well-crafted promotional pieces for endorsed candidates, and ad campaigns against targeted opponents.

This is how we win! We get our message out!

There are Conservatives in every corner of Hawaiʻi. We need to believe and make our stand now in 2022 – and in 2024, 2026, and beyond! This is just the beginning; remember that.

Voters need to know we’re here, that there’s an alternative to the madness in our State Government. They need to know they’re represented and that someone is fighting for Hawaiʻi – and they can join us in that fight!

It’s been said that all Josh Green needed to do was win the primary and he was in. No more! From this day forward, the primary is just a ticket to the gauntlet if you’re a corrupt politician who puts your personal and political agendas above Hawaiʻi.

We will engage every corrupt liberal in a full-scale political battle.

We’re going to give you the political fight of your life, Dr. Green – and everyone like you who follows! You may have worked the angles on your unsuspecting opponents in your primary, but we’re not going to be that easy.

Josh Green and his corrupt liberal cohort won’t stop until they’ve eliminated all challenges to their power. We won’t stop until we’ve knocked them all out of office.

If you can donate, please donate NOW. Tim & Alicia Dalhouse are currently matching all donations up to $25,000 until Monday, October 10th at 5pm.

If you can volunteer, reach out to your favorite candidate and volunteer NOW. It’s time to act! See our candidate endorsements list

Donate to Hawaii Conservatives Today

To help us win Hawaiʻi – and take our country back!

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