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We're Up Against a Liberal Storm Determined to Destroy Hawaiʻi

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

We must elect Conservative candidates in this election, which also means that we must defeat corrupt liberals and the progressive wave that is sucking the life out of Hawaiʻi’s families and businesses. If we don’t vote corrupt politicians out of office and keep out incoming progressive radicals, we could lose everything!

“It’s like watching a hurricane blow in. We can’t just sit still and do nothing!” - Tim Dalhouse, Chairman

We’re up against rising crime and the erosion of law. We want to see our communities safe and crimes prosecuted. Our endorsed candidates, such as Diamond Garcia in Kapolei running for State House (HD 42) and David Alcos in Ewa Beach running for State House (HD 41), champion community safety and support our first responders. They’ve pledged to address the homeless crisis head on.

Our opponents seek to erode the rule of law even further. Both liberals Sharon Har and Matt LoPresti have recently been arrested for DUIs. Both were beligerant and disrespected police officers during their arrests. Both requested special treatment. Sharon Har even went as far as making threats and racial comments during her arrest, and is associated with the “defund the police” movement. Yet both want to evade the consequences and go on to enact their agenda in our government.

We’re up against corruption. We want a government that respects the trust vested in it by the people and whose officials act in a manner befitting their office. Rep. Lauren Cheape Matsumoto in Mililani running for State House (HD 38) is the only contested incumbent that we’ve endorsed. Rep. Matsumoto has consistently been an example of legislative integrity, representing the needs of her district and leading on the issues – and never compromising her ethics.

Our opponents are corrupt as hell (that’s not a turn of phrase). The reasons we’ve only endorsed one contested incumbent is sadly obvious. The liberal government that dominates our Islands in a one-party system has become a breeding ground for corruption. The list of corrupt politicians is endless. Liberal Marilyn Lee was specifically selected and backed by these corrupt politicians in order to run Rep. Matsumoto out of office and silence constituent-focused Conservative representation.

We’re up against a movement to destroy our way of life. Our endorsed candidates represent their communities, protecting our history and values, and preserving our culture. Shekinah Cantere in Kihei running for State House (HD11), Kathy Thurston in Kailua running for State House (HD 50), and Jillian Anderson in Waikiki running for State House (HD 24) are excellent examples of community-driven leaders. They listen to the community and put the community’s needs first, not radicals on the Mainland.

Our opponents tear down anything that gets in their way. The Mainland-driven radical progressive agenda of liberals Terez Amato, Natalia Hussey-Burdick, and Adrian Tam is devastating to our society, and threatens our way of life. These so-called “progressives” seek to undo everything about our culture. Faith and the family model doesn’t fit into their plan for a new society. They are pushing a socialist agenda that will bring only one kind of equality; poverty for all. Meanwhile, they will destroy any resemblance of the Hawaiʻi we love.

We’re up against an economy-crushing landslide. Our endorsed candidates have common sense, business-minded policies to save our economy and protect our families from rising costs. These candidates include business owners, organization leaders, and entrepreneurs, such as Janie Gueso in Ewa running for State House (HD 40), Vea Lautaha in Waipahu running for State House (HD 36), Theresa “Kinsey” Texeira in East Honolulu running for State House (HD 19), and Sheila Walker in Kihei and West Maui running for State Senate (SD 6).

Our opponents continue to destroy our economy. Inflation is out of control. From food to gas and electricity, prices have never been higher. High-paying jobs are getting scarcer. Many families are surviving on credit cards. Out of touch liberals Rose Martinez, Rachele Fernandez Lamosao, Mark Hashem, and Angus McKelvey have no solutions to offer. Yet, the same liberals who got us here with their failed policies and corrupt leadership, are proudly running with even more bad policies that will only increase the speed of our downward spiral.

We’re up against failure in our education system. Our endorsed candidates put our keiki first and preserve the role of parents, with long term plans to take Hawaiʻi’s education system from last to first. Dr. Elijah Pierick running for State House (HD 39) and Blake Boyd running for State Senate (SD 12) are two of our endorsees determined to give the best opportunities and the most options to our keiki.

Our opponents put their political agendas over reading and writing. Hawaiʻi’s public education system ranks at the bottom in every category, objectively failing to prepare our keiki to be successful, while access to drugs and crime are rising inside of our schools. Corey Rosenlee and Sharon Moriwaki are devoted to keeping the status quo, with generations at risk.

We’re up against endless taxation from an unaccountable government. Our endorsed candidates believe in low taxes and limited and accountable government. Dr. Helen Tupaʻi on the Big Island running for State Senate (SD 1) and Leilani Soon in Honolulu running for State Senate (SD 10) are examples of leaders who answer to the people, that respect checks and balances, and will craft a budget for our government that benefits the people of Hawaiʻi.

Our opponents use the State budget as a political tool on the backs of hardworking families. The taxation never ends; more and more of us are being priced out of Hawaiʻi to support a budget that benefits a select few. Liberals Lorraine Inouye and Les Ihara Jr. are determined to dial up the heat on every hardworking individual and family. Meanwhile our tax money is wasted on frivolous and disorganized projects – if it’s even used for its declared purpose. To add insult to injury, our State government has once again defied the Constitution of Hawaii and failed to return the full budget surplus back to taxpayers, colluding together against the people of Hawaiʻi.

The liberals won’t stop until there is nothing left to destroy. We must fight back!

A recent picture taken in Kapolei - Just one of our many communities feeling the effects of rising crime and homelessness.

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