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Why We Need Duke Aiona

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Let’s talk about why we endorsed Duke Aiona.

Duke Aiona has been a faithful servant of the people, consistently maintaining Conservative principles. This includes being a prosecutor, judge, and an effective former Lt. Governor. He’s fought for the people of Hawaiʻi in every role he’s held. There is endless material to draw from that qualifies him for the role of Governor – and qualifies him for our strong endorsement.

We’re dealing with an unprecedented crime surge, loss of trust in our judicial system, and a government that often prioritizes criminals over law-abiding citizens. We trust Duke Aiona to truly address these issues in Hawaiʻi.

We’re also dealing with complicated economic issues that are crippling Hawaiʻi’s families, including my own. My wife and I were among those parents desperately searching for baby formula, driving from store to store with no luck. Our electric bill has nearly doubled, our water bill is up, food is much more expensive, the list goes on and on. Having spoken to Duke Aiona personally, and hearing him speak to these issues at multiple events, it’s clear that he has a team and a plan to tackle these problems head on, employing solid economic strategies to rebuild our businesses and open up our supply chain.

In contrast, his corrupt opponent Josh Green serves the will of the progressive-driven liberal establishment that controls our government, seeking to preserve its own power at all costs. He’s self-serving and lacks the maturity and respect necessary to be our Governor. Josh Green thinks that he deserves to be Governor, that we owe him the position, based upon his comments. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The way that Josh Green disrespected Duke Aiona’s Hawaiian Heritage in their Civil Beat debate was unthinkable. Click here to see the article I wrote about it

Duke Aiona earned our trust through the faithful execution of his duties year after year, gaining valuable experience required to lead and turn our State around.

We hope and pray that voters see the truth and are not blinded by Josh Green’s political games. If you want more information on Duke Aiona and his strong running mate, Seaula Jr. Tupaʻi for Lt. Governor, visit their website

Vote for Duke Aiona!

Donate to Duke Aiona!

Volunteer for Duke Aiona!

Donate to Hawaii Conservatives Today

To help us win Hawaiʻi – and take our country back!

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