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The Wrong Direction

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Conservatives across Hawaiʻi were shocked and disheartened as they watched President Biden give the most divisive speech of his presidency – possibly the most divisive speech of any presidency in history. September 1st, 2022, in Philadelphia, was a dark turning point for Biden; and a turning point for our entire country.

Biden is sending us in the wrong direction. Rather than finding common ground to unify our country, Biden is all but declaring war on his political opponents, employing dark rhetoric that clouds our Labor Day weekend – and our future as a country. His speech was eerily reminiscent of totalitarian governments of the past, who cannot admit any fault of their own, but instead create scapegoats to vilify for every problem in society.

Let’s be clear, there are many factors at play, but it is Biden’s closed-mindedness and extreme liberal policies that have driven us to where we are. His speech was a long, rambling deflection from accountability.

Alienating people and spreading division will not fix America’s problems. Far from taking responsibility for his own role in our present situation – despite being the most powerful person in the country – Biden places the blame firmly and unjustly on his political opponents. Any person who holds a conservative viewpoint can now be labeled a “threat to democracy.”

A majority of Americans – from all party affiliations – believe that America is headed in the wrong direction and have lost confidence in America’s institutions. Biden just poured fuel on the fire.

The question is, “what now?”

Conservatives will not buckle under the pressure of Biden’s rhetoric. We will not be sidelined or discouraged. We will keep moving our cause forward and get good candidates into office on November 8th!

The right direction is where the people are put above politics. Where good policy is put above political expediency. Where leaders take responsibility. Where the government promotes all citizens, not just a select political class.

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